Accommdation Valtice - Vila Edith - penzion Valtice


For our guests we offer sitting in our wine cellar. Capacity of the cellar is 10 persons. You can book one day in advance.
Accommdation Valtice - Vila Edith - penzion Valtice
Accommdation Valtice - Vila Edith - penzion Valtice

Our Villa is located in the historic center of Valtice town near Valtice Castle and square. The town is located in the most southern tip of South Moravia on the border with Austria in the Lednice-Valtice area, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

The immediate area has Bakery (20 m), Restaurant U Vlka (20 meters), shopping center COOP (200 m), and Chateau Valtice Wine Salon of the Czech Republic (450 m), Restaurant U Kapitana (350 m), Pančava Restaurant and Pizzeria (400 m ) Town Square (400 meters), Czech Savings Bank ATM (500 meters), Valtické Underground (750 m).

Tips for trips

Lednice-Valtice area

Colonnade Rajstna - located about 2 km southwest of Valtice. It acts as a prospect and is open to the public during visiting hours. (Zjisti a dopln navstevni hodiny) Take the red tourist trail or drive by a car.

Kolonáda Rajstna

Rendez-vous, also known as the Temple of Diana, located about 3 km northeast of Valtice. It is located on the red tourist route, connecting Valtice town with Lednice town and continues to Nové Mlýny reservoirs.

Chateau Lednice, surrounded by a park with a Minaret and Janohrad. There you can visit the birds of prey show. The green tourist trail connects Lednice with  Breclav.

Janohrad is located about 4 km east of Lednice town. The Castle is open to the public during visiting hours and sits on the green tourist route. Visitors can take a boat ride on the Thaya river, or take a gravel road horse carriage to the location. Weddings can take place at the castle.
Temple of the Three Graces is located about 5 km northeast of Valtice. It lies on the red tourist route that connects Valtice with lednice and continues to Nové Mlýny reservoirs. The interior is closed to the public.

Border Chateau hotel, a luxury hotel & restaurant, is located about 4 km north of Valtice on the blue tourist route, connecting Valtice with pancakes.

Appolonův temple located on a hill near the shore of the Mill Pond. It sits on the red tourist route, connecting Lednice and Valtice, about 3 km southeast of Lednice town. The interiors of the building are open to the public.


City Břeclav

Břeclav is a city of 25 thousand inhabitants and lays along the river Thaya. Besides the monuments around the city, which were left by the Liechtenstein family, you can also look at two interesting churches in the city - St. Wenceslas and the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in the city of Postorna. Coming to Břeclav by the train has its own charm. Indeed, if you are coming from Austria, you can enjoy the journey by a train, which in 1839 arrived in the Czech lands as the first ever.

In the city you can visit the museum, the exhibition in the synagogue or house of Liechtenstein, where you will see thumbnails of the Lednice-Valtice area. Certainly worth seeing is the Jewish cemetery. It is ideal for a round travel. With it you can go around the town, which offers a quiet floodplain forests with lots of Liechtenstein park buildings. In addition, you can take a boat trip along the Thaya river up to Janohrad, which lies near Lednice town.

Campus Pohansko is located about 3 km south of Břeclav. It is intersected by nature trails on the green trail. It is a unique floodplain landscape in SE corner of the Lednice-Valtice, between the rivers Morava and Thaya, near the border with Austria and Slovakia. The local floodplain forests pervade the numerous canals, oxbow ponds and meadows with old oaks. It is in these places were in the 9th century was built one of the largest medieval fortified settlements in Central Europe, today it is an archeological conservation area. In 1971 there were established a deer-breeding grounds, which is one of the largest and produces highest quality animals in the Czech Republic.


The town of Mikulov

Mikulov - a historic town in the middle of a sunlit landscape of vineyards, the city boasts many sights, the city with the smell of the south. And also the center of Mikulov wine region, with its nearly three thousand hectares of vineyards, is the largest wine region in the Czech Republic, lying on the border with Austria approximately 50 km from Brno.

The dominant sub region is Protected Landscape Area surrounded by Biosphere Reserve hills Palava. These hills, with its snow-white limestone rocks, flowering rocky slopes and fields, and ruins of castles, surround nearby wine producing villages of Upper Věstonice, Perna, Pavlov, some the most visited places in the Czech Republic.


Aqualand Moravia

Aqualand Moravia is the latest entertainment Aquatic Centre in the Czech Republic, you can find it in the tourist area of South Moravia with stunning views of Palava. Endless fun here enjoy both children and adults. Do Aqualand Moravia Pasohlavky drive from Valtice in just 20 minutes. There waiting for you 20 different water slides and chutes. The little ones can enjoy themselves in the children's swimming pools, humiliate climbing nets, or to fling at Pogo Sticks, or in the playroom. On older and braver individuals that are waiting for slides that you really pump out adrenalin. In summer you have the opportunity to try a rarity among water attractions, not only in the Czech Republic but throughout Europe - Abyss and Boomerang, which you can enjoy with your friend on a two-seater raft. And what to do when the water attractions soaking up?

24 saunas and procedures
Relax in the spa Roman Forum, where you can relax in the Roman bath. Awaiting you rich sauna world, which in addition offers a Finnish sauna tepidarium, infrared cabin, bio sauna, caldarium and many others. You can indulge in a massage or body wrap, spa therapy bath in sulphurous water with beneficial effect or to take part in the sauna ceremony ...


Accommdation Valtice - Vila Edith - penzion Valtice
Accommdation Valtice - Vila Edith - penzion Valtice

Calendar of events in Valtice

9.a 16.3.2019
Hudební večery ve Valtickém Podzemí aneb zahřejte se ve sklepě

23.a 30.3., 6. a 13.4., 21. a 27.4.2019
Valtické Podzemí - jarní večery s cimbálkou

19.4.2019 - 22.4.2019 začátek od 10:00
Velikonoce na zámku

Velikonoční otevřené sklepy

20. a 21.4.2019
Velikonoční večery s cimbálkou ve Valtickém Podzemí

10.5.2019 - 11.5.2019
52. Valtické vinné trhy

Accommdation Valtice - Vila Edith - penzion Valtice
Accommdation Valtice - Vila Edith - penzion Valtice


Accommdation Valtice - Vila Edith - penzion Valtice